CastleRock is a provider of Innovation Capital, an advisory service that is revolutionary in the world of strategy consulting and private investments. We are transforming small & medium sized businesses in targeted industries that are in the midst of great flux. Our unique business model nurtures strategic relationships with an eclectic network of client partners and investment partners.

Our client partners are typically niche leaders in their SMB segment who could be re-positioned to disrupt existing markets, and appreciate a committed partner to share in the risk/reward of a transformative venture. As outsiders we view the business through the impartial lens of continuous innovation. As insiders we take a hands-on approach to operating all non-core aspects of the business, effectively acting as CxO's on demand.

Our investment partners are typically providers of working & growth capital that need a strong operations team to efficiently deploy this capital in firms that are poised for explosive growth.

This unique combination of innovation capital and access to investment capital enables CastleRock to offer an unparalleled service in the world of private equity and venture finance.